Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian rugs are recognized for their unique and elaborate patterns which makes them a great floor piece for your home. These rugs are sought after not only for the fact they are exquisitely beautiful, but they also happen to be hand-made. Persian rug cleaning is not as big of a challenge as you might think, that being said using the wrong cleaning agents or cleaning process can still harm the Persian rug. Make sure you consult and/or hire a professional rug cleaning company.

A well-maintained Persian rug can be a part of your home for a very long time. Be sure to do regular maintenance cleaning to keep your Persian rug looking top notch. Here are a few ideas that can begin you on the appropriate path for looking after this intricate possession.

How to Clean a Persian Rug

Strategies for General Care

Understanding of how to thoroughly clean a Persian rug and proper protection is essential to the maintenance of your rug and keeping the appearance looking good. Padding extends your rugs life. This also helps the rug breathe and also reduces the wear and tear of high traffic areas. Rugs which have padding underneath them are more unlikely to tear and rip. Wrinkling can be reduced by utilizing padding as well.

The place and amount of use your rug takes on a daily basis will help determine how frequently it must be rotated. Make use of curtains to reduce the level of daylight the rug is exposed to which will help prevent fading. For heavy wear, rotate your rug two times a year. Always vacuum along the heap going fringe to fringe. Vacuum-cleaning must be done every week, same as with any other kind of rugs or carpet. Set the vacuum setting for cleaning a floor, this will put the vacuum on a more delicate process and will help to avoid harming the fabric of the Persian rug. It is usually recommended that you vacuum the back of the rug yearly. Examine your rug frequently for moth and beetle infestations. They could do significant damage to the rug because they are usually found in rugs that occupy dark locations. Drench your rug in cool water and then examine a small area, such as a corner, with Persian rug washing shampoo. If you notice that the colorations of your rug do not run, then you can certainly clean your whole rug, front part and back. It’s possible for you to use a soft, long-bristled brush for this work.

How you can clean Persian rug, entrust the Cleaning to Professionals

Maintenance could be completed as a DIY if you wanted to, but typically a deep clean should be completed by a rug cleaning professionals. It’s recommended that a deep clean for Persian rugs be completed every 18-24 months. The professional rug cleaners will be able to remove deep stains and make rug repairs for you. For more information on cleaning Oriental and Persian rugs.