Carpet Cleaning Services

Five Step Carpet Care is a natural green carpet cleaner located in Asheville, and Hendersonville NC. Carpet cleaning has many benefits for both your carpets and the healthy/air quality of your home.

Maintaining your carpets by vacuuming daily is great for your day to day maintenance, however, there are simply only so much you can do with your regular home vacuum when it comes to removing dirt, soil, grime, and other pollutants trapped in your carpets. That’s where professional carpet cleaning comes in. We have the proper equipment, experience and knowledge to extend the life of your carpets in your home.

Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning Eliminates Trapped Pollutants.

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a dirty carpet can retain several sources of indoor air pollutants, including pet dander, cockroach allergens, lead, particle pollution, and everyday dirt and dust.

  • Carpet Cleaning Can Help Prevent Mold Growth

    Mold growth can also occur in dirty carpets, especially if you’re in a humid environment or as a result of moisture being tracked in when it’s raining. Some forms of these molds have severe allergens and health hazards, specifically for young children, elderly and people with asthma. The professional carpet cleaning process will remove all the dirt and properly dry your carpet to prevent any mold growth.

  • Remove Dust Mites

    Dust mite infestations are actually quite common, but most homeowners are not aware they have a problem due to the microscopic size of these culprits. While the mites themselves are non-allergenic, their feces and body fragments definitely are. Steam cleaning involves temperatures high enough to stop these critters in their tracks. Many professional carpet cleaning companies utilize a technique known as steam cleaning when performing carpet maintenance work, which exposes your carpet to high temperatures that dust mites can’t survive.

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Carpet Cleaning Process

  1. Pre Vacuum – We vacuum before any cleaning to remove any excess dry soil.
  2. Hot Water Extractions – The hot water soil extraction cleaning method uses a portable carpet extractor and sprays heated water, and in our case, with added cleaning chemicals on the carpet. Simultaneously, the water is extracted up, along with any dislodged and dissolved dirt. Many carpet manufacturers recommend professional hot water extraction as the most effective carpet cleaning method which also provides a deeper clean. Actual steam could damage man-made carpet fibers and change the characteristics as they are usually set using heat. Natural fiber carpets such as wool can shrink, velvet-piled carpets and Berber carpets will become fuzzy which is known as pile burst.
  3. Drying – After the hot water extraction, the carpet will still have some dampness left behind and will have to dry. The drying process can up to 4 hours, it’s best to not use the carpet areas that were just cleaned.
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Local Carpet Cleaning

Five Step Carpet Care is your local and family-owned carpet cleaning company in Asheville, NC. We put our customers first in every step of the carpet cleaning process. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Five Step uses the best techniques and equipment available to get your carpets cleaned fast and ready to walk on. We use a low moisture technique so your carpet dries fast and you don’t have to stay off your carpet for a full day. Five Step Carpet Care is also a living wage company, where we provide a living wage salary to all employees. Invest in your local area by hiring Five Step who invest by giving back to the local community and our workforce.

Green Carpet Cleaning

Five Step Carpet Care uses only green natural organic solutions for all our carpet cleanings. You can be sure that any cleaning product used at your home is safe. The products we use in our cleaning process is eco-friendly and biodegradable. This allows us to clean your carpets and rugs without the risk of any allergy and health symptoms to any of the occupants of the home.



Why Choose Five Step Carpet

Five Step Carpet is a family owned local carpet cleaning company which provides themselves with quality and customer satisfaction. Whether your residential homeowners or a local business, Five Step Carpet has you covered. We service both residential and commercial in Asheville, Hendersonville, Brevard, Arden, Fletcher, Weaverville, Swannanoa, Flat Rock, Fairview, Black Mountain, and surrounding areas.