shag rug cleaning

Shag Rugs Cleaning

Shag rugs can be a beautiful addition to your home and provide a warm feeling. They are so soft because their fibers are cut longer compared to regular rugs. Owning such a sophisticated item doesn’t come without a catch. They are considerably harder to clean than regular rugs. Dust and dirt get deep in the crevices among the fibers – making it almost difficult to reach and clean. The longer the soil remains in the rug, the entrenched it gets in the shag rug, causing more damage over time. This is why shag rug cleaning is essential to prevent the damage and ensure a longer lifespan. Moreover, failure to keep your shag rug clean can result in respiratory problems as well as hygiene issues around the home.

The dust and dirt particles hide deep inside the rug’s pile, so it might take multiple shag rug cleaning methods to remove them. If you are wondering how to clean a shag rug, here are the six steps you need to follow:

1. Loosen the Dirt
Before you begin the cleaning process, it is vital that you get rid of all hoarded dust and dirt. Much of the dirt & soil in shag rugs are hard to clean because of its plush nature. The first thing to do is to take your rug outside and give it a good shake to loosen dirt and debris. Hold one end of the rug and give it several shakes and repeat the process 3-5 times. In case the rug is too heavy to shake properly, hang it on your railing and hit it with a brush handle or hard stick.

2. Vacuum
The next step in shag rug cleaning process requires the usage of a vacuum cleaner. The extra-long pile of your shag rug might need extra effort than a few shakes. The long fibers of the pile might get caught in the moving parts of the vacuum, so adjust its height setting to high and turn off the beater bars. You can also choose to set the cleaning head to the high pile if your vacuum cleaner contains this option. Gradually vacuum your shag rugs row by row. Go smoothly and vacuum the rug at least three to four times, followed by vacuuming the back side of the rug. It’s a good practice to clean your rug after every two weeks to avoid dust build-up.

3. Spot Cleaning
Whenever there are small spills and accidents, it’s best to spot clean your shag rug without wasting any time. The trick to effective spot shag rug cleaning is to react rapidly to spills before they become permanent. In such a situation, press the affected area firmly with a clean rag so it can soak up the moisture or liquid. Spray carpet cleaning solution on the affected areas and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes. Finally, dry the affected area with a new rag. You must continue these steps until all areas are cleaned.

4. Use Shampoo
This step is a slight unsafe, but you can use a carpet shampoo which typically is available in powder form. Before doing this, don’t forget to check the rug care instructions. If your rug can handle some moisture, then shampoo it. Sprinkles shampoo and hot water on the rug and then vacuum the liquid back at the same time. After this, let your rug air dry outside to avoid mildew.

5. Let It Dry
Dry your rug completely, from both front and back. Place it on the floor with its face pointing up then place some items underneath to allow air to circulate. If you can easily hang it outside, it might be the best option.

6. Professional Cleaning
Professional cleaning is the most effective and safe way of cleaning a shag rug. If you desire to have a deep clean than a regular shake and vacuum, let the professional rug cleaners do their magic. They are experienced with a wide range of carpet and rug cleaning. In case the cleaning instructions for your shag rug require specific care, don’t take the risk of damaging it by trying it on your own. Call a professional.

shag rug cleaning
shag rug cleaning

Now that you know how to clean a shag rug, start with the above-given methods to remove the dirt effectively. Following these steps can give your rug a more glossy and refined look.