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Woold Rug Cleaning

Do you have a beautiful area wool rug in your home? A wool rug can really bring together an entire room, that is until it gets dirty and is actually more of a detractor to the room. When your wool rug requires a deep cleaning, you should highly consider hiring a professional wool rug cleaner with the knowledge to clean and also maintain your wool rug. When the professional cleaning is completed your area rugs will appear almost brand new.

Wool rugs made from natural wool demand special consideration in cleaning to extend your area rugs life. Wool has the popularity for being quickly stained, but cleaning them can be a lot easier than you might imagine. A proper vacuuming job on a consistent basis can go a long way with protecting your woold rug from breaking down over the years. Good quality wool rugs can last for many years with regular care.

Although vacuuming would certainly help you with the loose dust and also dirt that accumulates on your rug, there is still a lot of dirt, dust, and contaminants that are trapped in the carpet.

Wool Rug Cleaning

  • The rug is initially dusted using a specially design carpet/rug duster which bats out the dirt and dust that has accumulated deep into the rug. We then vacuum the drug with the excess dust removed.
  • Once the excess dirt has been taken away, your rug is cleaned separately to be able to protect and also revitalize natural materials.
  • Rug stains will be treated with one of our solutions and removed if possible.
  • We will spray a rug protector on your rug.
  • You complete a final inspection of the wool rug to determine if you are satisfied with the cleaning.
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Using Incorrect Cleaning Products

This is one way to ruin a wool rug if you don’t know what you are doing. Some rugs are not suitable for certain kinds of chemical substances that are contained in certain cleaning products. Using some of these cleaning products on your rug can result in discoloration and other damage. A lot of times it’s good to start with a mild detergent, such as dish soap. To create the solution, pour approximately 1/2 cup of detergent into a bucket of cold water and stir to mix. Additional steps in cleaning your wool rug.