Braided Rug Cleaning

Braided rugs have always had a special place at home. Even modern, machine-made braided rugs allude to traditional patterns of old handmade braided rugs, thus, become a touching tribute to tradition. Like any other type of rug, braided rugs become full of dirt and dust, causing discoloring of the rug and worsening the air quality at your home. Both sides of braided rugs need to be vacuumed regularly, but this may not be enough for keeping the original condition of a braided rug. The problem is that dirt accumulates between small threads and there is a risk of damaging them while cleaning. Having professional braided rugs cleaning every one to two years will ensure the long-lasting beauty of a braided rug and even passing the handmade treasure to the new generations. Valuable heirloom rugs should better be cleaned only by rug cleaning specialists.  

braided rug cleaning

Braided Rug Repair

An important peculiarity of braided rugs is that they should be repaired before cleaning. A common cause of damage is weakening of threads holding the braids together with time or due to heavy traffic. As a result, braided rugs virtually fall apart. A cleaning process may worsen the situation, so it is better to connect and repair the threads first. This can be done using a whip stitch. If part of the rug has become too weak and chattered, it can be unbraided and substituted by a new strip of fabric. Just remember to hide the knots and sew between the braids.

braided rug cleaning

Braided Rugs Cleaning Tips

In general, the way of cleaning braided rugs depends on the fabric used for braiding. Machine-made braided rugs may be washable, so the labels will generally inform you about the specific conditions of watching. In other cases, these braided rugs cleaning tips might be helpful:

  • Braided rugs should not be rubbed; blot the excess liquid with a towel.  
  • Cotton hand-braided rugs may be washable in the machine, but this is not recommended since the risk of damage is rather high.
  • Wool rugs, synthetic rugs, as well as rugs made of natural / plant fibers, require neutral detergent and quick drying. The laundry detergent should be avoided as it may affect the colors and leave an unpleasant residue of the rugs.
  • “Oxy” cleaners may work for synthetic rugs, but should never be used for wool braided rugs. Using oxy cleaners with synthetics rugs, carefully follow all the cleaning recommendations.   
  • For cleaning stains on the surface of low pile wool, cotton, acrylic and rayon rugs, use dry powder cleaners. Still, the latter is not recommended for plush piles, as it will be difficult to clean the residue.
  • Silk braided rugs should be cleaned by cleaning professionals using a dry cleaning process.

You might also do a great job avoiding these worst cleaning advice and consulting professional instead.

Braided Rugs Maintenance

  1. Handcrafted heirloom rugs require gentle handling and care. They should better be placed in the areas with little to no traffic to prevent any stains or damage. Regular vacuuming of both sides is necessary at least once a week to remove dust and pet hair.  
  2. Vacuum braided rugs regularly. Roller brushes should never be used on braided rugs because they damage the threads. Use upholstery attachment to vacuum the rug to avoid damaging fabric fibers or pulling them out.
  3. Rotate braided rugs regularly managing the traffic pattern to enhance the durability of the braided rugs. You should also flip the braided rugs over from time to time.  
  4. New snow may be used for braided rugs cleaning.  When there are two to five inches of fresh snow outside, lay the rug on the snow and apply some pressure. Then, flip the rug and repeat the process on a new clean area. If the snow is fresh, the rug will not be wet and can be returned to home right away.    

If you need professional braided rug cleaning, contact us, and we will return a glossy and refined look to your rug.