Tile Floor Cleaning in Weaverville NC

There are a lot of tile floors in Weaverville NC, and we aim to clean them all!

tile floor cleaning weaverville nc

Maybe that’s overly ambitious, but we can dream, can’t we?

You might not know it from our name, but at Five Step we don’t just clean carpets. We’re also WNC’s experts on environmentally friendly cleaning for upholstery, area rug, wood floor, and, YES–tile!

If you have tile or slate floors or walls in your home, you know they can start to look dull and dirty over time. The grout between the tiles can become stained, yellow, or aged-looking. Periodic deep cleaning is necessary to keep your floors looking new, but going the DIY route can leave your knuckles scraped and your knees aching. Not to mention the amount of time it can take without specialized equipment! (A lot of time, trust us.)

Instead of going it alone, give us a call! Our professional crew will make your tile sparkle, your grout gleam, and your slate shine!

We can handle any surface, including:

  • Bathrooms- tubs, showers, and floors
  • Kitchens- floors, backsplashes, counters and walls
  • Outdoor areas- terraces, decks, patios, pool areas
  • Traffic areas- foyers, hallways, staircases

As always, our cleaning procedures are sustainable and non-toxic, using just a fraction of the water our competitors use, and keeping harmful pollutants out of our precious waterways. Just one more reason to choose Five Step!

If you live in Weaverville, or anywhere else in western North Carolina and you have dirty tile or slate that needs a little TLC, contact us today or give us a call at 828.772.1824. We promise you’ll be glad you did!