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Gratitude and Clean Carpets

Dear Customers and Friends,

As we approach Thanksgiving, we want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for you continued trust in our professional services. In the spirit of thankfulness, we reflect on the privilege of serving our community and contributing to the comfort and cleanliness of your homes and businesses.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation for the opportunity to be part of your home or business maintenance routine. Your trust inspires us to uphold the highest standards in our work, ensuring that our services contribute to a healthy and inviting environment for you, your family, your pets, or your employees and clients.

Thank you for choosing us as your carpet, upholstery, wood floor, and tile cleaning partner. We wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving filled with love, laughter, and the simple joys of a well-maintained home.

With Gratitude,

Your Friends at Five Step

Top Myths About Owning Fine Rugs

owning fine rugs

Fine rugs are not just floor coverings; they are pieces of art that can transform a room’s aesthetics. However, there are several misconceptions about owning fine rugs that may discourage potential buyers or create unrealistic expectations. In this post, we’ll debunk some of the most common myths surrounding fine rugs to help you make informed decisions about owning and caring for these exquisite pieces.

  1. Myth: Fine rugs are too fragile for everyday use.
    Reality: While fine rugs are often associated with delicacy, many of them are designed for everyday use. High-quality materials and expert craftsmanship make them more durable than you might think. Regular care and proper placement can help maintain their beauty over the long term.
  2. Myth: Fine rugs are all extremely expensive.
    Some antique or collector’s pieces come with a hefty price tag, but there is a wider range of fine rugs available to suit various budgets. Beautiful and well-crafted options can be found at reasonable prices. And if you are looking for the best deals available, estate sales and yard sales are often great places to look!
  3. Myth: Fine rugs are high maintenance.
    Fine rugs do require care, but this doesn’t mean they are excessively high-maintenance. Regular vacuuming, occasional professional cleaning, and proper placement can keep them in great condition without an overly demanding routine.
  4. Myth: Fine rugs shouldn’t be used in high-traffic areas.
    While you may want to avoid placing an irreplaceable antique rug in a high-traffic zone, many fine rugs are designed to withstand daily wear. Using a rug pad and regular cleaning can protect them even in busy areas.
  5. Myth: All fine rugs are antique.
    Fine rugs come in a variety of styles, including contemporary and traditional. You don’t have to invest in an antique rug; there are modern designs that are just as fine and stunning.
  6. Myth: Fine rugs are only for traditional décor.
    Fine rugs can complement a wide range of interior design styles, from traditional to contemporary. Their versatility allows them to enhance the aesthetic of any room.
  7. Myth: You can’t clean fine rugs.
    Fine rugs can and should be cleaned. Professional cleaning methods are available to preserve their beauty, and regular vacuuming can remove dust and debris.

Fine rugs are not as fragile, expensive, or high-maintenance as many popular myths suggest. Owning a fine rug can be a rewarding experience, adding elegance and personality to your living space. By understanding the facts and dispelling these common myths, you can appreciate the beauty and practicality of fine rugs while making an informed decision about purchasing and caring for them.



What We’re Thankful for in 2022

We’ve been spared so far from chilly weather here in WNC this fall, but the leaves have changed color and cold, wintry days are just around the corner. The leaf peepers have come and gone, and we’re settling in for a cozy winter. Thanksgiving is just a week away, can you believe it?!

In the spirit of the holiday, we’d like to take a few minutes to talk about what we’re thankful for this November.

  1. Clean sofas and chairs! (And carpet, rugs, hardwood floors, and tile.) We are thankful that we’re able to bring a non-toxic, eco-friendly, and sustainable clean to so many area homes and businesses. There’s something about a freshly cleaned sofa or armchair that adds warmth and coziness to any home, and we really appreciate the opportunity to help provide that extra level of comfort for so many local families.
  2. We are safe, healthy, and warm. Let’s not take it for granted. Not everyone is so fortunate as to have a sturdy, dry home; good health; plenty of food; and friends and family to share it with this Thanksgiving.
  3. We live in Asheville! We truly do live in one of the most gorgeous places in the world, and we are so grateful to call western North Carolina home. From the breezy hot afternoons of June to the quiet snowy mornings of January, the weather is nice almost all year round. We get to take in the most breathtaking mountain views just driving to our clients’ homes and businesses every day. There are so many fun things to do and experience in WNC—from delicious cuisine to waterfall hikes to musical events to brewery tours. And this area is populated with some of the loveliest, kindest, and most interesting people on earth. We wouldn’t trade our home here for anywhere else.
  4. New friends and associates! We are very active in our local business networking community, and with the gradual reopening of the economy after the pandemic, 2022 has been a great year for meeting new people and establishing mutually beneficial business connections. We love being a part of this vibrant community, and we look forward to all that 2023 has to offer.
  5. Pumpkin recipes! Not everyone loves pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, pumpkin spice lattes, and all the other pumpkin items that make their annual appearance around this time of year. But for those of us who do, this is the time of year to appreciate all of that pumpkin delight. Get it while you can, because those pumpkins are going to disappear from the supermarket before Christmas!
  6. Our fantastic customers! Our clients are the best. Really. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank YOU for your trust, your support, your business, and your friendship. We strive every day to give you, our customers, the high-quality work and friendly service you deserve and expect from us. We heartily extend our gratitude to you for helping to make our business a success!

We hope you have just as many things to be thankful for this year as we do, and that your holiday is filled with joy.

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Five Step!


Tile Cleaning Before and After

Check out this photo we snapped of a recent tile cleaning job!

Lots of cleaning service companies make empty promises, but at Five Step we believe our work should speak for itself. Here you can see side-by-side evidence that our cleaning process works wonders on dirty, old-looking tile and grout.

If you live in the Asheville, NC area and you’d like to see some tile cleaning magic like this in your home or office, give Five Step a call at 828.237-3237 or drop us a line today!

Oriental Rug Cleaning in Asheville, NC

Asheville Oriental Rug Cleaner

Buying an oriental rug can be a serious investment in the look and feel of your home. And maintaining a fine rug is a lifelong commitment. So when it comes to cleaning your oriental rugs, don’t make a snap decision. You want to be sure your investment is in safe hands.

To help you make an informed decision, Five Step Carpet Care is committed to honesty and transparency about our cleaning process. When you choose Five Step’s professional rug cleaning service, you can rest assured that:

  • We use a gentle, effective process for cleaning oriental rugs and other fine rugs.
  • We never use bleach or bleach-based cleaners.
  • Our prices are affordable.
  • We can eliminate stains caused by ground in dirt, food spills, mold and mildew, pet stains, and even fire damage.
  • We don’t use enzyme-based cleaners.
  • Our cleaning agents contain no harsh chemicals.
  • We won’t wash your rug in a tub with other rugs.
  • Our cleaning solutions will not cause the colors on your rug to fade or bleed.
  • Our cleaning process is completely safe for wool fibers.
  • We offer convenient pick up and delivery service.
  • Our products and process are entirely non-toxic, safe for your family and pets, and environmentally conscious.
  • Our team is professional and reliable. You can trust us to take good care of your fine rugs.

Want to see for yourself? Check out this video of our rug cleaning process.

Check our website for current pricing.

We look forward to being your trusted source for green and sustainable oriental rug cleaning. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 828.237.3237 or send us a message via our contact form.


How to Get Dents Out of Rugs

how to get dents out of rugs

Have you ever rearranged your living room furniture only to find unsightly divots in your rugs? Not to worry! Dents left behind in your rugs by sofas, tables, and chairs can easily be erased with these few, easy steps. Here’s how to get dents out of rugs.

  1. Lay a damp towel over the dent.
  2. Run an iron over the towel on medium heat, checking periodically to see if the carpet fibers beneath have started to rise. The heat of the iron should gradually cause the fibers to spring back to their original shape.
  3. Leave the towel on top of the dent until completely dry.
  4. Finally, vacuum the affected area. The suction from the vacuum cleaner will pull the fibers up to their normal height.

This simple process should remove even the deepest divots from your carpet or rug. If you find that you need additional help to make your carpets look brand new, give Five Step a call at 828.237.3237 or drop us a line today. We offer a full range of effective, sustainable, and friendly floor cleaning services, and we love nothing more than making our customers happy!



How to Clean an Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs are a popular addition to patios, decks, and backyard grilling spaces. They can provide extra comfort, a splash of color, and a sense of home-iness to any outdoor living space. But by their very nature, outdoor rugs are going to pick up a lot more dirt and dust than their indoor cousins. So, how to clean an outdoor rug? Read on to learn some tips.



Just like indoor rugs, outdoor rugs need regular maintenance to stay looking their best. Most outdoor rugs are woven with durable material, and you can sweep them. We recommend you use a soft-bristle broom to do this. Vacuuming is not the best solution when it comes to removing dust and debris from outdoor rugs, as too much vacuuming can harm the fibers.


Stain Removal

Barbecue sauce splatters? Beer spills? No problem. It’s fairly easy to remove most stains from an outdoor rug. Try to attack the stain immediately, if possible. Simply mix some mild detergent (laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid works well) in water and dab at the stain with a clean, dry cloth. For more stubborn stains, try club soda. Avoid using harsher cleaners on your outdoor rug. If you’ve tried all the milder solutions and the stain still won’t come out, it might be time to call in your local rug cleaning professional.


Hosing Off

Potting soil spill? One thing that’s nice about outdoor rugs as opposed to indoor ones is that they are made of tougher materials and can withstand a lot more in terms of traffic. This also means that you can simply hose them off with the garden hose to remove a lot of the dirt that they pick up. To prevent mildew growth while the rug is drying, make sure to hose off your rug on a day with low humidity and full sun. But go ahead and use the high pressure hose setting. The rug won’t mind.



If your outdoor rug has been subjected to very wet or humid weather and doesn’t get much sunlight, it might develop patches of mold. The first thing you’ll want to do in this case is to use white vinegar to kill the mold. Pour or spray it on full-strength and let it sit for a couple of hours. Then rinse with warm water and scrub clean with a brush.

To prevent mold from forming on your outdoor rugs in the first place, keep them in a sunny location or move to a sunny location for a day every couple of weeks.


Outdoor rugs dry just fine in the sun, regardless of whether it’s summer or winter. Spread it on the ground or drape it over a railing in full sun, then when the first side is dry, flip it over to the other side. If the weather isn’t cooperating, you can hang the rug up in front of a high powered fan for a few hours, then repeat on the other side.

If you live in the Asheville, NC area and need help cleaning your outdoor rugs, don’t hesitate to give Five Step a call at 828.237.3237 or drop us a line. We’ll be happy to help!


Why Customers Love Five Step

We couldn’t be more pleased. The five-star reviews just keep pouring in, and we love reading what our customers have to say about our service. From our punctuality to our ability to literally decrease the weight of area rugs, all of these customers hav found something to love about our service. Check out these reviews to find out what customers love about Five Step Carpet Care!

If you live in the Asheville, NC area and you’re in need of carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, wood floor cleaning, or tile cleaning services, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 828.327.7233 or get in touch via our contact form. We’d be super pleased to give you a reason to love Five Step!

Best Wood Floor Cleaners in Weaverville, NC!

wood floor cleaners weaverville nc

Looking for the best wood floor cleaners in Weaverville, NC?

Even though you maintain the cleanliness of your wood floors through regular dust mopping and polishing, there will eventually come a time when your floors need a deeper clean. In order to maintain their original shine and luster, hardwood and pine floors require periodic polishing. Even engineered wood and laminate floors can benefit from occasional deep cleaning.

Our wood floor cleaning process is green and sustainable, and can restore the beauty and radiance of your floor, making it look as good as new. Our cleaning solutions contain no bleach, acids, enzymes, dyes, or colors.

And if cleaning alone isn’t enough to make your floor shine, we can remove old layers of polyurethane or wax coating and refinish your floor in a new gloss!

Homeowners in Weaverville and across western NC call us for their hardwood, pine, and laminate wood floor cleaning needs. Our reputation for top-quality, professional wood floor cleaning services can’t be beat!

Don’t believe us? Check out the photographic evidence! Here are some before and after pictures of our work.

If you live in Weaverville, Asheville, or anywhere else in western NC, and you’re looking for excellent wood floor cleaning with a smile, give us a call today at 828.237.3237 or get in touch via our contact form.

A Brief History of Vacuum Cleaners

The ancestor to our modern vacuum cleaner was a “carpet sweeper” invented in 1860 by Daniel Hess of West Union, Iowa. The non-motorized machine used a complex system of bellows for suction, and spinning brushes to pick up dirt.

A slight improvement on the original design was patented in 1865 by Ives McGaffey of Chicago. His invention was hand crank-operated, which made it unwieldy to use, as one had to turn the crank and push the machine across the carpet at the same time.

In 1901, Englishman H. Cecil Booth invented a large machine called a suction cleaner. It was powered by an internal combustion engine that ran on gas, and the monstrosity had to be mounted to a horse-drawn cart, and later, an automobile, in order to be transported from place to place. Booth found a receptive clientele among British nobility, which inspired others to improve upon his design.

These early vacuum cleaners did not appeal to the average consumer due to their bulky designs, loud operation, and the odor produced by their exhaust systems. But over the years, enterprising people from around the world fiddled with various suction-cleaning concepts, contributing to gradual improvements.

But then, a breakthrough! In the 1920s, an Ohio janitor named James Murray Spangler created a carpet sweeping contraption out of a soap box, a broom handle, a pillow case, and an electric motor. He then began to sell his machine to local housewives. One of these housewives was a woman named Susan Hoover. (You might recognize the name!) Her husband, William, invested in the mass production of Spangler’s machine and eventually purchased the rights to the design. He named his company Hoover’s Electric Suction Sweeper Company.

The first plastic vacuum cleaner was produced in the 1930s, and the precursor to modern central vac systems was created in 1952 by the Hoover Company, whose name was now synonymous with “vacuuming”.

By the 1960s, vacuum cleaners were much more lightweight and easy to use. The Oreck Corporation produced a uniquely portable model for the hotel industry, and in response to demand from hotel housekeepers, began marketing it to the public.

All of the designs since the first Hoover had used bags to collect the dust and debris suctioned away from carpets. But in the 1970s, James Dyson conceived of a different way of doing things. He thought the vacuum cleaner would benefit from dispensing with the bags altogether. Five thousand one hundred and twenty-seven prototypes later, Dyson unveiled his Dual Cyclone Machine in 1993. Bagless technology was a huge hit with the public. Fast forward to today, and the majority of vacuums sold are the bagless type.

But the bagless vacuum was not the last innovation to disrupt the household cleaning market. In 1996, the first robotic vacuum cleaner was manufactured by Electrolux of Sweden. This serviceable gadget captured the attention of consumers, but ultimately was discontinued because of the ineffectiveness of its early sensors, causing it to collide with other items.

In 2002 the first Roomba was produced by the iRobot company. This robotic vacuum can change directions to avoid colliding with household furniture. Its sensors can detect debris on the floor and keep it from falling down stairs. Only time will tell if robotic vacuums may someday replace manually operated ones, but one thing is for sure: the vacuum cleaner is still evolving!