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How to Pet-Proof Hardwood Floors

pet proof hardwood floors

As a pet owner, you know that pets can be tough on your hardwood floors. Scratches from claws, stains from accidents, and general wear and tear can all take a toll on your flooring. But not to worry! Your pets and your wood floors can co-exist in harmony if you follow these tips for how to pet-proof hardwood floors.

  1. Keep your pets’ nails trimmed. Regularly trimming your pet’s claws can prevent scratches and damage to your flooring. If you’re not comfortable trimming your pet’s nails yourself, visit a groomer or veterinarian for professional grooming services.
  2. Use rugs or mats. Place rugs or mats in high-traffic areas, such as hallways, doorways, and places where your pet likes to run and play. This can protect your hardwood floors from scratches and wear and tear. Be sure to choose rugs or mats that are easy to clean and maintain.
  3. Spills and accidents. Clean up pet food spills and accidents immediately. Accidents happen, but it’s important to clean them up as soon as possible to prevent permanent staining and damage to your hardwood floors. Use a paper towel or cloth to remove solids or blot up urine. Then clean the area with a hardwood floor cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and water.
  4. Use pet-friendly cleaning products. Many household cleaners contain chemicals that can be harmful to pets. Use pet-friendly cleaning products or make your own cleaning solution using natural ingredients.
  5. Consider matte or distressed finishes. Choosing a matte or distressed finish for your hardwood floors can help hide scratches and other imperfections caused by pets. This can help your floors look better for longer and reduce the need for refinishing.
  6. Use pet gates. To decrease the potential for pet-related wear and tear, use pet gates or other barriers to prevent your furry friends from accessing areas of your home with hardwood floors, especially when you’re not home to supervise.

Pet-proofing your hardwood floors requires some effort, but it’s well worth it to protect your investment and keep your home looking beautiful. By following these tips, you can extend the life of your hardwood floors and enjoy their beauty with your furry friends for many years!

If you live in the Asheville, NC area and you’re looking for a quality, professional hardwood floor cleaning service, give Five Step a call at 828.237.3237



Attention, Hendersonville! Pet Odor Removal is Possible!

Is pet odor in your carpet a lost cause, or is there a way to rid your home of bad pet odors without shipping your furry friends off to the farm? Don’t worry, Hendersonville. Pet odor removal is not only possible, we do it every day!

Did your puppy have a few accidents in the family room before he graduated potty training? Or does your cat track litter into the carpeted hallway? Maybe you have a sick or elderly pet who has continence issues. Or perhaps you just have that unmistakable “dog smell” from fur and dander being ground deep into your carpet pile, where the vacuum can’t reach it.

Chances are, the odors are actually coming from the bottom of the carpet, or the padding underneath. But you don’t have to rip the carpet out and replace it to get rid of the odors! Quality professional carpet cleaning can address those smells (and stains) for good.

Even if your pet odor problems are in your furniture’s upholstery, the problem can be fixed!

At Five Step Carpet Care, we help homeowners and property managers with pet odor problems all the time. We’ll get rid of those smelly spots so that you and your pets can enjoy your carpet (or furniture) again. Best of all, our sustainable, non-toxic five step process will take care of those odors without leaving any chemical residues behind.

If you live in Hendersonville, NC (or anywhere in western NC) and you struggle with pet-related odors in your home, give Five Step a call at 828.237.3237 or drop us a line.


How to Clean Up Poop Off Carpet

If you have dogs or cats, no matter how well they’re trained, accidents will happen. It’s inevitable. No one loves cleaning up poop off of carpet (or anything else, for that matter) but as a pet owner and a reasonably clean person, you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves at some point and just do it.

It’s commonly believed that feces stains do not come out of carpet without professional cleaning. This is true sometimes, but not always. If you notice the poop while it’s still relatively fresh, you should be able to remove the stain without too much trouble. It’s when you fail to notice it right away, or when it gets smeared into the carpet pile, that the stains might not come out with DIY methods. In that case, a professional carpet cleaner is probably your best bet.

But assuming your pet has just left their present recently, here are the easy steps you can take to clean the stain up quickly and efficiently.

You will need paper towels, a bottle of club soda, some regular liquid dish soap (Joy or similar), and a clean, dry cloth or towel. Once you have your materials ready, follow these steps:

  1. Using your paper towels, remove any solid pieces and dispose of them.
  2. Pour a small amount of club soda on the stain. It will bubble, and the bubbling action will lift the remaining poop to the surface of the carpet.
  3. Blot with your dry cloth or towel.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you’ve lifted up as much of the stain as possible.
  5. Squeeze a small amount of dish soap onto the stain, and rub it in. (Don’t use too much dish soap, as the residue might be difficult to rinse out.)
  6. Pour one final bit of club soda on top of the dish soap. It will foam up.
  7. Use your cloth to massage out the remaining poop residue.
  8. Allow the carpet to dry, and then fluff it back up.

You’ll be surprised how well this non-toxic method works for removal of feces stains from carpet!

Now, you would think that poop stains are the worst offending stains your pets can make. But that’s actually not true. Urine is worse, since it spreads and seeps down into your carpet. Even if you remove the stain, the odor will stay behind. This type of deep-set odor can be nearly impossible to get out with DIY methods. So that’s when you definitely need the help of professionals!

Five Step Carpet Care has helped hundreds of pet owners with this exact problem. Rest assured, we can get the odor out! If you live in the Asheville, NC area and have a pet stain or pet odor problem in your house, call Five Step at 828.237,3237 or drop us a line to get a quote.





Get Pet Urine Out of Your Carpet!

get pet urine out of your carpet

Pet urine stains are one of the most pesky problems a pet owner can face. And they are also very common. When you have pet urine stains in your carpet or rugs, the odor is usually the first thing to greet you when you walk in the front door—even before your pets do!

But there’s good news. You don’t have to live with these smelly and unsightly stains forever. There is a solution! At Five Step Carpet Care, we regularly help customers with pet stains and pet odor problems. We get the job done right the first time, so that when we leave, the stains and odor from pet urine are completely gone and our customers are 100% satisfied.

Our unique five step cleaning process WILL get the urine out of your carpet or rugs. Not just from the surface, but from deep down in the mat of the carpet, as well.

Plus, unlike many of our competitors, our cleaning solutions will not make your pets sick. We care about the health of your family and pets, so the process we use to clean your carpets and rugs is totally green, sustainable, and non-toxic.

So if you’re dealing with the stress of pet urine stains and odor in your home, give Five Step Carpet Care a call at 828.772.1824 or use our contact form to reach out today. The next time you come home, the smell of urine won’t be the first thing to greet you—your pets will!

Asheville Pet Odor Removal

asheville pet odor removal

What’s that smell???

Hey Asheville, pet odor removal is possible!

Is your home plagued by pet odors that you can’t seem to get rid of? Chances are, those unpleasant smells are coming from your carpet. So is it a lost cause, or is there a way to rid your home of the foul smells without shipping your furry friends off to the farm?


Maybe your puppy had a few accidents in the living room before you succeeded in house-training him. Or your cat has a habit of kicking litter from her box from the vinyl-floored bathroom into the carpeted hallway. These smells can stick around even if you succeeded in removing the stains! That’s because the smell is actually coming from the bottom of the carpet, or even the padding underneath. But potty accidents aren’t the only cause of pet odors in carpet. Fur and dander can also get ground down into the carpet fibers, accumulating over time and leading to that unmistakeable “dog smell”.

You might not even notice the pet odor in your home on a regular basis. Humans get acclimated over time to the smells of our furry friends. Sometimes it takes leaving the house for a vacation or business trip and coming back home to notice the smells. It might be slightly embarrassing to know that visitors smell this odor that you don’t even notice!

But regardless of whether your carpet’s pet odors stem from a rough house-training period, or just months of accumulated hair and dander, rest assured that hope is not lost! You don’t have to rip out the carpet and start over. Quality professional carpet cleaning can address these smells for good.

Remember to choose a carpet cleaning company that uses a non-toxic cleaning solution. This is of utmost importance in order to protect your pets’ (and your family’s) health.

If you live in the Asheville, NC area and are struggling with unpleasant pet odors in your home, give Five Step Carpet Care a call. Or you can contact us here.

We’ll get rid of those smelly spots so that you and your pets can enjoy your carpet again! Best of all, we’ll do it without leaving any toxic residue behind.

Asheville Pet Stain Removal


Do you have pet stains on your carpet or rugs? Don’t firebomb yet! There IS a better solution. Five Step Carpet Care is the best choice for Asheville pet stain removal.

You may have heard stories from friends or relatives about how they hired a carpet cleaning company to get the dog or cat urine stains out of their carpet, and how it never really got rid of the odor, or the stains came right back. You might be thinking, “OMG! I’ve got to shell out thousands of dollars to replace all the floor coverings in my house!” Or worse: “It would probably be cheaper to just demolish the house and start all over!”

Not to worry. Five Step Carpet Care are Asheville’s experts at pet stain removal.  We CAN get rid of those pet stains, and the odor, too! And they won’t come back. (No guarantees that your pets won’t make new ones, however!) Plus, unlike our competitors, our cleaning solutions are 100% green and non-toxic, because we care about the health of our customers, their families, their pets and our environment.

Our innovative cleaning process will make your carpets, area rugs, and even fine oriental rugs look (and smell!) as good as new. Our unique five steps leave no soap or residue behind on the carpets for dirt to be attracted to. Therefore, your carpets stay cleaner much longer. We offer pick up and delivery service for rugs. And we also offer an effective cleaning and polishing service for your hardwood floors, as well as green upholstery cleaning.

You shouldn’t have to choose between having clean carpets and keeping your beloved pets. If you’re struggling with pet stains and odor, don’t set fire to your carpets! Pick up the phone and give us a call at 828.772.1824 or use our contact form to get in touch today!