Asheville Pet Odor Removal

asheville pet odor removal

What’s that smell???

Hey Asheville, pet odor removal is possible!

Is your home plagued by pet odors that you can’t seem to get rid of? Chances are, those unpleasant smells are coming from your carpet. So is it a lost cause, or is there a way to rid your home of the foul smells without shipping your furry friends off to the farm?


Maybe your puppy had a few accidents in the living room before you succeeded in house-training him. Or your cat has a habit of kicking litter from her box from the vinyl-floored bathroom into the carpeted hallway. These smells can stick around even if you succeeded in removing the stains! That’s because the smell is actually coming from the bottom of the carpet, or even the padding underneath. But potty accidents aren’t the only cause of pet odors in carpet. Fur and dander can also get ground down into the carpet fibers, accumulating over time and leading to that unmistakeable “dog smell”.

You might not even notice the pet odor in your home on a regular basis. Humans get acclimated over time to the smells of our furry friends. Sometimes it takes leaving the house for a vacation or business trip and coming back home to notice the smells. It might be slightly embarrassing to know that visitors smell this odor that you don’t even notice!

But regardless of whether your carpet’s pet odors stem from a rough house-training period, or just months of accumulated hair and dander, rest assured that hope is not lost! You don’t have to rip out the carpet and start over. Quality professional carpet cleaning can address these smells for good.

Remember to choose a carpet cleaning company that uses a non-toxic cleaning solution. This is of utmost importance in order to protect your pets’ (and your family’s) health.

If you live in the Asheville, NC area and are struggling with unpleasant pet odors in your home, give Five Step Carpet Care a call. Or you can contact us here.

We’ll get rid of those smelly spots so that you and your pets can enjoy your carpet again! Best of all, we’ll do it without leaving any toxic residue behind.