Fine Rug Cleaning – Before and After

Hi, everyone! We’re back this week with more amazing before-and-after shots of our work. It’s something we like to do on the blog from time to time, because we’re really proud of our work! This time, we have a couple of fine rug cleaning photos we’d like to share with you.

This fine rug came to us looking a little worse for wear, as you can see in the picture on the left. The lighter colored areas of the rug are dingy-looking, and there are some areas of gray discoloration–probably from dirt staining. Sometimes, fine rugs just need a nice, long, luxurious bath! So that’s what we did.

As you can see in the shot on the right, our fine rug looked much better after its spa day! The lighter colored areas of the rug look bright and clean, the texture looks softer, and even the dark red border seems to pop a bit more.

fine rug cleaning asheville nc

Our rug cleaning solution contains no bleach, soap or enzymes, so the rug’s dyes and fibers are protected. There are no harmful toxins or chemicals, either, so our five step system is safe for your home, kids and pets. Best of all, we use much less water than our competitors, so our system is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly!

We also offer affordable rates and a convenient rug pick-up and delivery service. Check out our rates for fine rug and area rug cleaning below.

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