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We can clean hundreds of types of upholstery fabrics. Even if they’re all on the same couch!

Looking for great, professional upholstery cleaners in Hendersonville, NC? Here are four reasons you should give Five Step Carpet Care a call first.

  1. We CAN get the stains out. You might be surprised how many companies out there represent themselves as upholstery cleaning experts, and then they show up and tell you they “can’t”. Your upholstery is too fragile, the stain is too heavy, the color is too light. Basically, a bunch of excuses. We hear stories like this all the time from customers who tried to go with another company before they called Five Step. Rest assured, when we say we can clean a piece of furniture, we really CAN.
  2. Our staff is friendly, professional, and hardworking. We are really proud of our team! In our opinion, we have the nicest and most hardworking pros in the business working for us. They are polite and treat every customer with respect. They take the utmost care not to cause damage to our customers’ homes or furnishings, and they get the job done right, and on time. We’re sure you’ll feel the same way about our amazing team after you give Five Step a try.
  3. We are locally owned. Our roots are here in western North Carolina, just like yours. We don’t answer to corporate shareholders in some other city. We answer to YOU, the customer. That’s why it is so important to us to provide the best service we possibly can.
  4. Our cleaning methods are completely non-toxic, green, and sustainable. We care deeply about the health of our customers, their pets, and the environment. The cleaning agents we use are free from all health-damaging toxins, and we use WAY less water than our competitors. If you are concerned about conserving and protecting our precious natural resources, there’s no better choice for upholstery cleaners in Hendersonville than Five Step.

To give you an idea of the quality of our work, here are some before and after photos of a sofa we cleaned!

asheville upholstery cleaning

asheville nc upholstery cleaning

If you are looking for top-notch upholstery cleaners in Hendersonville, Asheville, or anywhere in western NC, give Five Step Carpet Care a call at 828.772.1824 or shoot us a message today. You’ll be glad you did!