Before and After Carpet Cleaning in Asheville, NC!

We’re back this week with some more great before-and-after shots from our adventures of carpet cleaning in Asheville, NC. Wait until you see the transformation!

It’s always exciting to leave a client’s home knowing we’ve done a great job cleaning their carpets.  Sometimes, folks aren’t so sure whether the cleaning is even going to work when they hire us. But, they figure it’s worth it to at least try cleaning those dirty carpets before deciding to spend a lot more money replacing them!

Of course, they’re always pleasantly surprised when the job is done. Our trusted five step process can restore even the filthiest carpets. No matter what kind of stains, odors, or wear you’re dealing with, Five Step Carpet Care can make your carpets look like new again!

Before Carpet Cleaning

Without further ado, here is the before photo! Check out those stains, and the grooves where furniture sat for years with dirt collecting around it where the vacuum won’t reach. A person would be forgiven for thinking that this was a hopeless situation. But not so! Scroll down to see the amazing transformation that takes place when we put this dirty carpet through our five step cleaning process.

After Carpet Cleaning

And here we have our After picture. As you can see, the stains are all gone. There is no remaining trace of dirt and no indication that any furniture ever sat in this room. It almost looks like a brand new carpet installation, but trust us, all we did was clean the carpet like normal.

If you’re in the Asheville area and looking for a highly skilled professional carpet cleaning team, give Five Step a call! We are the top choice for carpet cleaning in Asheville, NC and the surrounding area. You can call us at 828.237.3237 or shoot us a message. You and your carpets will be glad you did!